Is Blogging Out of Style? (Ep. 17)

for you, probably not

Is blogging out of style? 🤔

Definitely not if you have а small business.

Let’s be real: if you run a small business, you’re never going to outrank the titans in your industry for posts like “Top 10 Wedding Makeup Tips” (in Anne’s case, her wedding makeup website is never going to outrank The Knot). And that’s okay.

Instead, you should focus on providing fresh content about the work you’ve done, such as case studies and real stories about your business. (EEAT anyone?)

Your blog is a great place for this content:

  • These kinds of posts are engaging for your website’s visitors (and as we know, engagement is a metric Google considers in their ranking algorithm).

  • And, even more importantly, they have a ton of conversion power. For example, every time Anne writes about a wedding she did, she convinces more people that she knows what’s up when it comes to wedding makeup.

In this episode, we discuss this topic in more detail and I give Anne a little tutorial on how to manage and update her website with Wordpress. Check it out!

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