Why you should know what a UULE parameter is

a UULE parameter is...

Hey y’all! Here’s what you might have missed last week.

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1. How to reclaim a GBP if you don't know the email address that set it up?

To start, go to business.google.com/create and search for the business. It will show you a hint about the email like: "du…@gmail.com".

If you know the email and have access to it, you can just log in and Bob's your uncle.

But what if you don't recognize the email? Here’s what you can do:

1. Claim and verify the Profile with a new email (ideally, an email on the website's domain associated with the GBP).

💡 If you use a domain-based email, and the website has Analytics and Search Console set up for the site with that email as a primary owner, then this can often simplify the verification process.

You can sometimes get email, phone, or even instant verification instead of video verification. Without a domain-based email, you’ll likely get stuck with video verification, and I don’t wish that hell upon anyone.

2. You can also try getting help from Google support with this link: https://support.google.com/business/contact/business_owner_conflict?pcff=listing_id:13619046150627532044&authuser=2

This lets you select a reason related to your problem in a dropdown menu 👇️

Tim Kahlert on LinkedIn shared another interesting way to find out what your address is!

2. A local SEO trick every pro should know

Use the UULE parameter to set a precise location for your search results.

Adding a UULE parameter to your Google search query lets you see search results from a specific region without needing an extension or being physically there.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Generate a UULE for the location (Find a tool by googling “uule generator”) You will get a code that looks like this: &uule=w+CAIQICIQRWRtb250b24sIENhbmFkYQ

2. Now run any search in Google.

3. Look at the URL for your search and replace the last part of it with the UULE parameter. For example: google.com/search?q=sushi+restaurant &uule=w+CAIQICIQRWRtb250b24sIENhbmFkYQ

Check out my post on LinkedIn and Twitter for a video tutorial on this.

3. Three search operators you need to know

Scroll through this carousel to learn what they are 👇️

See it on Instagram.

4. Useful local SEO shit post



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