Local SEO Heart-to-Heart

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SEO conferences are not what they used to be for me.

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I used to love them when I was just starting out. I would go and look up at the stage with bright eyes, pen and paper in hand, ready to absorb knowledge from my local search heroes.

These days, I find that I can get all of the content from the talks on social media, newsletters, etc. Speakers will usually share everything right after the conference. Content distribution is all the rage.

Now, I like to go to conferences not so much for the talks, but for the new friends I meet during the coffee breaks, lunches, and after parties, and the things I learn from them. Like:

  • The story about the new SEO strategy they tried that totally bombed (no one would share that on stage)

  • The story about the agency that lost a major client and had to let go of half their staff, but how they climbed back to be mega successful.

  • The very niche hacky thing an enterprise SEO did to drive millions in additional revenue that they wouldn’t want to share on stage, but will tell you about over lunch.

I would describe SparkTogether as a whole day consisting only of those coffee breaks, lunches and pub hangouts with the best experts in the industry.

I’m talking:

  • 10 incredible speakers (Rand Fishkin, Michael King, Ann Handley, Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Britney Muller, Eli Goodman, Geraldine DeRuiter, Lavall Chichester, Sarah Stockdale… and me 🤷)

  • No public slide decks, no recordings, no cameras allowed

  • An intimate setting with maximum 200 attendees

You’ll have the chance to hear from and speak to the leaders of local search in a genuine, unfiltered, honest way. They’ll tell you about the times they succeeded, the times they failed, and what they learned from it all.

Tickets are limited, and more than 60% sold out already.

In my opinion, this is the must-attend digital marketing conference of the year. There is nothing else like it in the industry.

So, if you are a digital marketer/creator, an agency expert, or the founder of a small business or start-up, save this in your calendar:

October 8, 2024
Seattle, WA

And secure your spot before someone else does 👇️

Get your pen and paper ready and I’ll see you soon,