🔗 Strategies for Getting Quality Backlinks & Citations (Ep. 15)

this will probably answer all of your link questions

Have you ever heard of the Rolodex method for getting links?

It’s my favorite! Here’s how it goes ⬇️

  1. Grab your phone and go to your contact list.

  2. Go through every contact and ask yourself, “Is this a business owner who has a website?”

  3. If the answer is yes, then ask yourself, “Can I give this person a reason to link to my business on their website?”

  4. If that’s also a yes, then you can go ahead and draft a proposal. Remember to specify which section on their website you want your link to be put in, as well as what you want the text of the link to be.

Do this for your whole contact list and I guarantee you’ll get some great links for your business!

We evaluate the current state of Anne’s links and citations and discuss many more strategies for getting backlinks in this episode. Watch it below!

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