Test Your Review Knowledge With This Quiz

let's see how much you know

Let’s play a game!

Which of the following statements is FALSE?

A. Keywords in reviews impact rankings.
B. Keywords in review responses impact rankings.
C. It doesn’t matter if you get 20 reviews all at once, or over a longer period of time. The ranking impact will be the same.
D. Both B and C.
E. Both A and B.

And the correct answer is…

D! (for Darren, duh)

If you got it right, congratulations! You have not been bamboozled by all the false information out there.

If you didn’t pick the right answer, don’t stress. I’m here to help you learn.

Whether you’d like to brush up on your reviews knowledge or learn how to craft a successful review strategy, this week’s episode is for you.

We cover everything you need to know about reviews: from common myths, to review-related ranking and conversion factors, to strategies for improving your review quantity and quality.

Watch Episode 16 👇️ 


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